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Central African Republic, ,








Starting September 1st 2013, any shipments to Tanzania will also require an ECTN.

Cargo arriving to any of the ports of the above countries without a ECTN or CTN will not be cleared until a valid ECTN or CTN has been delivered by the loading port and the receiver risks demurrages and warehousing costs. Fines will be imposed on cargo not covered by a ECTN or CTN.

The purpose of a CTN is tracking shipments to see the origin and nature of goods imported into a particular country to prevent global trafficking of prohibited goods. Under our shipping services, we are able to generate CTNs for cargos loading at any port worldwide, which means producing a document to verify the commodity, value, origin and destination.

Port Authorities of Central African Republic, Chad, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Senegal and Tanzania Requires shipping lines to include the ECTN-number or CTN on to the Bill of Lading and cargo manifest. Failure to comply with this regulation, any cost involved locally will be debited to respective consignee.

Validated ECTN or CTN will be a mandatory document for the (transit) custom clearance at above Ports; cargoes arriving without ECTN will be blocked for delivery until validation of a regularisation ECTN.

When applying for an ECTN, we require the following documents:

· Bill of Lading

· NES Export Customs Declaration

· Goods Invoice (commercial invoice)

In order to complete the ECTN successfully on your behalf, we require the following information if not stated on the above documentation:

  • Freight charges
  • Voyage number
  • Origin of goods
  • Place of delivery
  • Incoterm
  • HS Code

We will then advise you of the charges (tariffs below), once payment is received in the form of cleared funds, we will complete the ECTN on the Global System and forward a copy for your approval. No originals will be couriered or posted, all destination authorities and customs will have access to all ECTN's issued and will carry out online controls for all consignments and vessels entering the relevant ports.

The validated ECTN number will be generated, any amendments after validation will incur additional charges.

All applications and queries must be submitted to

For Multiple ECTN issuance and validation, Shipping Lines should contact us for further information.

If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to us on 01473 375030