car shipping service to Karachi Pakistan

We offer a weekly consolidated car shipping service to Karachi loading at our warehouse in Ipswich, Felixstowe port.

Fix Price £599 Per car (saloon)

Included in the above price:

  • Export Customs Clearance from the UK
  • Professional Vehicle Loading and Securing

Excluded from the above price:

  • All Destination Charges
  • Duties and Taxes at destination

Destination Restrictions for Pakistan Shipping:

Saloon Car, motorcycles must be under three years old.

4x4's and Commercial Vehicles must be under five years old.

The age of the vehicle is taken from the date of manufacture NOT the UK date of registration.

Motorcycles (includes Quadbikes) Must Be 2014 --->

Motorcycles (includes Quadbikes) Must Be 2014-->

Saloon Cars must be 2014-->

Pickup trucks / 4x4's must be 2012 --->

Commercial Vehicles must be 2012 --->

Information on Taxes & Duties:

You can provide a self-estimate for taxes and duties upon arrival using this below information.

The Federal Bereau of Revenue for Pakistan issued a table which can assist receivers of cargo in obtaining the amounts they're due to pay to customs before arrival.

The first step toward your self-estimate is calculating the CIF Value. The CIF Value is declared to customs and this figure is what the payable taxes and duties is calculated on.

The CIF Value is:

C - Commercial Value of Cargo

I - Premium Cost if Marine Insurance is taken out

F - Freight Cost

You combine the above together to come out with a total value known as the CIF Value.

Once obtained, the below table will be used as an indication to show you what percentage of the CIF Value will be paid as your taxes and duties.

New Cars (Percentages of the CIF Value) TOTAL:
Up to 800cc 50% 17% 5% 1% 73% of the CIF VALUE
From 801cc to 1000cc 55% 17% 5% 1% 78% of the CIF VALUE
From 1001cc to 1300cc 60% 17% 5% 1% 83% of the CIF VALUE
From 1301cc to 1500cc 60% 17% 5% 1% 83% of the CIF VALUE
From 1501cc to 1600cc 75% 17% 5% 1% 98% of the CIF VALUE
From 1601cc to 1800cc 75% 17% 5% 1% 98% of the CIF VALUE
From 1801cc and above 150% 17% 5% 1% 173% of the CIF VALUE

Now you match up the CC of the vehicle with the right category above.

Below is an example of how to calculate the estimated taxes and duties:

I have a 800cc vehicle

My CIF Value is 1,700.00 GBP

Therefore I would have to pay 1,241.00 GBP in taxes and duties using the above information extracted from the table. (73% of the CIF).

Just to clarify, all the above is to produce an estimate of how much you will have to pay please do not take these as exact figures with extraneous variables such as rates of exchange making the amount payable subject to change upon arrival. This is just to advise customers and make them aware of estimated figures.

If you need any further information please contact our specialist for the Pakistani Trade,

Telephone: 01473 375030



  • Australia
    Fremantle, Melbourne, Port Kembla/Sydney and Brisbane.
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

Further export destinations are available on request, please contact us for further details.


We also ship travel trailers, RVs, tractor units, cargo trailers, dually pickup trucks and oversized vehicles via our RORO services.


Vehicles should run, drive, brake and steer. Personal effects and loose cargo are not permitted within RORO shipments. Propane tanks are also not allowed. Vehicles should be clean to reduce risk of Customs / Quarantine charges.

RORO services are focused on modern, running vehicles and reliable classics. Certain ports will ship a non running vehicle with additional surcharges.


We are quoting and shipping vehicles Weekly on the RORO services, please call 01473 375030 or email for prompt rates and friendly advice