Car Truck Shipping to Boma, Congo (DRC)

Container and Car Truck Shipping to Boma, Congo (DRC)

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Discount Car and Container shipping to Boma
We Import Cars & Export Cars , Personal goods | RoRo or Container, Port-to-Port or Door-to-Door service to Boma .
  • Car Shipping to Boma
  • Light / Heavy Trucks Shipping to Boma
  • Motorcycles Shipping to Boma
  • Vans Shipping to Boma
  • Trailers Shipping to Boma
  • Caravans Shipping to Boma
  • Motorhomes Shipping to Boma
  • Plant Equipment Shipping to Boma
  • Tractors & Agricultural Equipment Shipping to Boma
  • Boats Shipping to Boma
  • Other Vehicles

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We help ship Cars, 4X4s, Vans, Minibuses, Trucks, Tractors, Coaches and Buses from the UK to Boma, Congo ( DRC ) using both Container & RORO Methods. Most Vessels depart on a weekly basis to reach their respective destinations. The RORO Vehicle Shipping Service is a useful money saving way of shipping vehicles as the cost is purely based on the amount of space the vehicle takes on the Vessel. The RORO method is usually cheaper compared to the Container method, However the Container method is more secure and the shipper can also load personal goods in the container.

we can help you with your Car Import or export to Boma, Congo ( DRC ). Our automated quoting system can provide a comprehensive costing immediately by email.

- Door to door or Port to port service to Boma, Congo ( DRC )

for door to door shipping and port to port shipping. The door to door will be more expensive, but worth it if you are willing to pay the higher price. If you are looking for cheap then you want to go with our port to port option.

- We offer insurance coverage

It may cost you a little extra money up front, but it is definitely a necessity. If something happens to your car during transport to Boma, Congo ( DRC ).

- Safe and reliable vehicle transport to Boma, Congo ( DRC )

- Enclosed auto shipping

- Motorcycle shipping

- International car shipping to Boma, Congo ( DRC )

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All you need to know before shipping your car click here

Shipping your car to Boma, Congo ( DRC ), Sea Kargo Ltd will be able to help you. Our experienced team will help you explore the various options available to you to meet your Car Shipping requirements.

Shipping cars is easily available and stress free from our company. - We offer prices that are affordable and worth your while trusting that your possessions will get to there destination swiftly, safely and securely. If you are looking for car shipping from or to the UK, Sea Kargo Ltd has a remarkable record with satisfied clientele.

Our shipping company has a network with all major ports, making us your best choice for car shipping from UK. Through our network, Sea Kargo Ltd is able to ensure that it remains at the heart of the UK shipping company industry. We are fast becoming renown within the industry as being the name to trust for all car shipments from the UK.

Our experience extends across many countries and our expertise ensures that we are able to advise on and handle all types of cargo including containers, conventional, break-bulk, and RO/RO.
We provide a range of services to our ever-increasing customer base in order to meet all of their shipping requirements, including warehousing and customs formalities. Our status as an independent shipping company guarantees flexibility and fast decision making to meet every need in today’s challenging environment.

We provide very competitive rates for both Roll on Roll off and containerised shipments for your vehicles. We can ship any vehicle from a small saloon car to Heavy Plant machinery to almost anywhere in the world. Collection from your home can be arranged on a car transporter.

Roll on Roll off is normally a more cost effective option in most cases, but not all destinations have RoRo facilities, therefore you may wish to have your vehicles shipped in a container. This is advantageous if you also have personal effects that need to be shipped. With professional staff load the containers a secure warehouse facility in Ipswich

If you are importing a vehicle, then we can also arrange Customs Clearance and handle all the UK formalities for you - whether you have shipped by Roll on Roll off or if you need your vehicle unloaded from a container.