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Great service, very good price,all UK import paperwork taken care of, I will use again. Thank you.
A professional and friendly sevice which I would use again without hesitation.
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hi darryl

thanks for getting the mustang delivered in time before i go to spain, just need to check it over as it was pitch black when it arrived and would not start, but i got it running after we got it off the trailer. i would like to thank you and your team for the service, getting my car to me here in the UK from LA.
one thing i need to know, do you have any other paperwork on the car as i cant find the US title anywhere with the paperwork that was inside the car, or will you be sending it to me, i recall during our phone call that you were going to send me docs through the post?

thanks again

Great service, no problems, never imported a vehicle before very easy to do with Seakargo & a good price. Would definitely use this company again.
Overall it was a good service. Arrival of the car was delayed by a few weeks but at least it arrived in good condition.
Very pleased with the service..Kieran was very helpful car arrived safe and on the time schedule..good price..I would recommend seakargo to anyone

This is the second time I have used Seakargo for shipping a motorcycle from USA to the UK. Very efficient , professional and friendly service , I wouldn't hesitate to use them again - would recommend!
Good price and customer service. Only issue was that the consignment took a lot longer than was originally quoted.
Car arrived safely, pleased with the service
Seakargo did a great at shipping my 97 Trans Am from Clearwater, FL to the UK. The shipping price was very competitive and Seakargo also offered door to door delivery which was a huge benefit to me. Darryl and his team kept me updated regularly so I always knew the progress of my shipment. Seakargo also took care of all the NOVA paperwork and HMRC tax applications; all I had to do was pay them and they took care of the rest. Just be aware that final payments must be made using bank transfer not any type of card, which was a bit of a surprise to me. All in all, Seakargo provided a great service at a competitive price. My car arrived safe and sound 28 days after leaving Florida. Would definitely use again. Thanks.
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Very happy with the service and price.
Hi Darryl

I very much appreciate your assistance, it as been a pleasure to deal with you and your company.

Ron Murphy
It was the 'delivery to your door' facility within a reasonable price range which persuaded me to use SeaKargo. All in all they delivered good service at a competitive price, and I'll almost certainly choose to use them again for future imports.

My only disappointment was the lack of communication. Ideally it'd be a great PR move to ensure that all customers are regularly informed at every stage about the whereabouts / progress of their vehicle during the import procedure. I had to ring them up several times to elicit simple information that could've been sent out in regular emails.
Absolutely first class service
From start to finish
Thank you
I will definitely use Sea Kargo again in the future, they where a reasonable price and everything went smoothly.
Seakargo did a wonderful job, transporting my car, my trailer and six pallets from U.K. to Cyprus!!!
They secured everything in the container.... I loved the airbags between the pallets!!!!! I would recommend them to everybody !!
Thank you seakargo !! Andreas
Very pleased with the service. An exceptionally reasonable cost and Kieran was amazingly helpful. We would recommend this service to anyone
We would have preferred a weekend drop off but not much of an issue
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