We provider a secure, high quality and cost effective escrow services. We act as a third party in holding funds until we collect the vehicle from the vendor, funds are releases at the time of collection


Description of service

We offer an escrow service in which will protect the buyer and seller throughout the transaction. This service offers peace of mind so our clients can avoid scams and also sending money to a buyer/seller that does not actually exist.

How this service works is our client(s) will send the funds for the purchase of the vehicle directly to us. We will then arrange the international wire to our USA agents office. As soon as the funds have been received we will notify the selling party funds have been received in full. It is very important that the seller of the item being purchased has agreed to the escrow service terms as we will need their full banking details in order to proceed. After receiving the sellers full bank details we will send a driver to the location of the vehicle. When the driver arrives he will confirm the vehicle is actually present, there is an original title and the title matches the vin number on the actual chassis.

Note: the driver cannot and will not being doing a full inspection on the vehicle meaning mechanical and such of that nature. As usual they will do a full condition report and provide photos upon pickup. When the driver has confirm everything is legitimate he will then contact our office to approve payment being sent. At this time our accounting department will transfer the funds directly to the sellers account. The driver will then stay at pickup location until funds confirm received and cleared by the seller. At no point will the driver leave the pickup location nor load the vehicle until the escrow service is complete. Wire transfer typically only takes up to 15 minutes, worst case scenario 45 minutes. After transfer is complete driver will take possession of the vehicle and title.

When is this service ideal?

If you are buying from a individual or small car trader we would suggest using this service for your protection.

Vehicle Escrow in 5 simple steps

1- The Buyer and Seller agree to terms.

Both parties agree to the terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the vehicle, sale price,

2- The Buyer pays SEAKARGO.

The Buyer submits a payment by bacs in to Seakargo Ltd Sterling account (after buyer agrees with the exchange rate of the international wire transfer). SEAKARGO verifies the payment.

3- SEAKARGO Transfers the funds to USA ESCROW agent

Seakargo Transfer the funds to our USA agent to process the ESCROW

4- USA ESCROW agent arranges collection

Our USA agent will verify the sellers account details and arrange collection date with the seller

5- The Seller is paid by SEAKARGO.

Upon collection the driver confirms the vehicle, title are present and both title and vehicle match (Vin number is checked)

The benefits of Vehicle Escrow

The Buyer is assured they get the car they ordered and the Seller is assured they get paid. Peace of mind that is unmatched in the payment industry!

Peace of mind for vehicle Sellers

The Buyer sends the agreed upon payment to SEAKARGO . After verifying funds, we alert the Seller to send the vehicle to the Buyer. Protected from fraudulent checks and money order scams, the Seller has peace of mind knowing funds are behind the SEAKARGO shield.

Confidence for vehicle Buyers

We do not release the money to the Seller until the vehicle is in our pocession This provides online car buyers the security to buy with confidence