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We help you Importing goods from US, EU, China, India or Middle East to the United Kingdom? We can custom clear any type of import with any type of complexity, whether you have full load sea freight container or a small Lcl freight shipment.


With our extensive knowledge in importing goods to UK, we take the hassle out of your hands.

Clearing customs quickly and smoothly is a necessary step for every international shipper. We help your entry and exit into the European Union by clearing your goods through the centrally located ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge and Brussels airport (Brucargo).

Our list of import services:

- We handle the shipping,
- UK Customs clearance import fees and paperwork.including both
- delivery service to your address anywhere in the UK
  • Distribution service in UK and Europe:

  • we can deliver your cargo with outstanding prices to anywhere in UK and Europe.

  • We can create an inventory for your goods and manage your stock based on your direct instructions.

  • Transit entry

  • ERTS removal

  • Bonded storage

We want to offer you the best customs solutions to all your logistic challenges. Contact us for more information.

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If you are new to Imports, the following outlines some key information that will apply to you.

Please take a few moments to read through the information below before deciding to order / ship any goods into the UK.


EC member countries, can move from between fellow member EC Countries freely or without the need for further Customs Clearance... its what's known in the Freight Forwarding world as 'in Free Circulation'.

Please note: The local Customs authority, at the port of arrival, may ask you to provide documentary evidence to prove the country of origin of your goods, or proof of Customs Clearance. Ensure that you have this documentary evidence to hand or that it accompanies the goods during transit across the member countries borders

Customs Procedure Codes or CPCs are used to explain to Customs, as to the reason for your goods arriving into the Country.

Each 7-digit code will immediately explain to Customs as to whether your goods are staying here in the UK permanently or temporarily, whether they are being repaired or perhaps have returned after being repaired. In fact, there are lots of CPC codes which cover a whole manner of circumstances, so it is very important that the correct code is used.

With the introduction of SAD Harmonisation from January 2008, which brought the UK in-line with other members of the EC, the CPCs used in the UK Customs Tariff have changed to the same CPC codes as used in the rest of the EC (so the old 6-digit numbers became 7-digits long).

Commercial Importations – EORI Registration Click here

Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) Scheme

1. A brief introduction:
The implementation of EORI in the UK replaced the previously used Customs trader identification system, TURN, which ceased to exist from 1 July 2009. UK Customs have however retained a number of the TURN features in the EORI system, in particular the format of the registration number itself.

Click here for Form C220 if you are VAT registered, or Click here for Form C220a if you are not VAT registered

or a Hard Copy version

The form C220a must be completed only by applicants who are either not VAT registered in the UK or are not established in the customs territory of the Community.

- Electronic applications
You will need to download and save the correct application form (C220 for VAT register, and C220a, for those who are not VAT registered) as a Word document and complete the form as required. You will then need to email the completed application form, together with any scanned supporting documents, if you have completed section B, to the EORI team in Cardiff via
Please note: HM Revenue and Customs will not accept hard or faxed copies of supporting documents for electronic applications.

- Hard copy applications
You will need to print off the application form (C220A) or obtain a form by telephoning the HMRC National Advice Line on (T) +44 (0)845 010 9000. You must complete the form and send it by post, together with any supporting documents if you have completed section B, to the EORI processing team at the following address:

HM Revenue & Customs - EORI Team
13th Floor South Government Buildings
Ty Glas
Cardiff CF14 5FP

We strongly recommend that you submit your EORI application well in advance of when you wish to use the EORI number to avoid delays at import or export.

4. When can I start using my EORI number?
You will be able to use it 24 hours after receiving your notification from HMRC (but see below re licences).

5. What if I have a query?
If you have a query about any of the contents of these FAQs please email eori.customs& quoting your name and TURN/EORI number. If you experience any problems using this email address, please use the TURN – email address.

Return goods. Personal belongings. Or Temporary Imports.

These are just a few examples of Exemptions and Relief that can apply to some goods arriving into the EC.

Email our team to see whether your goods are eligible and to find out what UK Customs Forms needs to be completed in order to Customs clear your goods.