Cargo Shipping Insurance

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Broadest Coverage: Choose the Coverage Type that fits your needs: Total Loss, Basic Risk or All Risk.

We providing quality insurance coverage for your shipment or move is our priority. We want you to have peace of mind in knowing that your shipment is protected by a top rated Insurer with the highest financial ratings and claims payment history. We are proud to offer you Primary Cargo Insurance with coverage based on the actual value of your goods (not based on weight) from the leading A rated insurers, who specialize in cargo, freight, shipping & moving insurance:

You can Save Time and Money on your cargo insurance with our low rates,

Tips: You must arrange insurance when transporting your vehicle, even if it is being transported and not driven. Less than five percent of cars that are transported report any measurable damage from the process, but you should always be protected against any possible problems.

We value your business and hope that we can carry out your forthcoming shipment. Whilst we take every care to ensure that your vehicle and belongings arrive safely at their destination we strongly recommend that you take advantage of Freight insurance cover.

We offer Low Rates Auto/Freight Insurance coverage for:

Full Replacement value, not depreciated cash value. Multiple Coverage options: Catastrophic, Basic Risk and All Risk.

  • All Items/Commodities & All Conditions: Used & New
  • All Destinations: Domestic & International (Even Mexico)
  • All Modes of Transport: Ocean, Air, & Land
  • The Full Value of your goods not based on their weight.
  • All while Saving up to 90% compared to carrier insurance and up to 50% on traditional primary freight insurance
  • Policies with our Discount Low Rates. Coverage is provided direct from insurers with the highest industry ratings for Financial Strength and claims payment.
  • Your Freight insurance coverage placed will be Primary not Contingent:
    Most of our competitors offer "Contingent freight insurance" which is coverage that is contingent upon the carriers liability and their terms and conditions. It's secondary insurance and it will only cover you if your claim is denied by the carrier. If the carrier accepts your claim, then you will receive their limited freight liability coverage which pays based on the weight of your shipment, not it's full value, usually around $0.50-0.60 cents per lb. In addition, they don't cover high risk items, or high valued items.

If you want full coverage for the full declared value of your shipment, regardless of the carrier's terms, then primary coverage is the answer. Our Primary coverage is replacement cost coverage for the full declared value of the items and is in excess to the liability of the carrier; meaning our insurance coverage will come first. Don't leave it up to the carrier to decide your coverage. You want full protection of your shipment with primary freight insurance.

No Hassle, Fast and Easy Claims Processing:

The benefit of being protected by a top rated insurer, is that you can rest assured that they can pay for your loss. Our Insurer has the highest possible industry ratings for financial strength and claims payment handling. We help expedite the process by immediately submitting your claim direct to the claims dept. and keeping track of it, to make sure you're taken care of.

Our Friendly Service:

Exceptional customer service is our goal and our friendly insurance agents practice it every day. We are always here to answer your questions and help assist you with your insurance needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. Call 01473 375030or email us.


We are not an Insurance broker or Underwriter. We're a licensed freight forwarder, arranging this special type of
Freight/Cargo/Shipping Insurance direct to you. Eliminate the middle man & get better rates & coverage direct through us. Contact us now for your cargo insurance quotation Tel: 01473 375030