Car Shipping to Cyprus - Limassol roro service.

Car Shipping to USA Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) or Container service.

How much does it cost to ship a car from the UK to US?

Below car shipping costs for the major US destinations. Rates are current at the time of writing but may vary depending on the exact destination and vehicle dimensions. Please check with us prior to booking. Rates are port to port shipping only, This table should be used as a guide only. To receive an accurate quote specific to your destination and vehicle dimensions, please contact us 0203 997 7300 or email .

Car Shipping UK to USA Costs - Guide Prices

Type RoRo costs
20ft Container costs
Standard Saloon Car £590 - New York New York
Galveston Port (50 miles to Houston) Houston
Jacksonville Port (327 miles to Miami) Miami
Port Hueneme (70 miles to Los Angeles) Los Angeles
San Diego (120 miles to Los Angeles)
Tacoma (35 miles to Seattle) Seattle
SUV / 4x4 New York New York
Galveston Port (50 miles to Houston) Houston
Jacksonville Port (327 miles to Miami) Miami
Port Hueneme (70 miles to Los Angeles) Los Angeles
San Diego (120 miles to Los Angeles)
Tacoma (35 miles to Seattle) Seattle
Van (e.g. Ford Transit) Baltimore
New York
Port Hueneme (70 miles to Los Angeles)

Our RORO services offer a regular and cost effective import and export solution for vehicle shipping. Vehicles are driven on at port of origin and secured within a purpose built, weatherproof car carrier vessel.

RoRo / Container shipping to USA - Moving from UK to the USA - Lowest prices Shipping by container to USA in 20ft Container, 40ft Container, 40ft/hc Container

  • We offer weekly international shipping services direct from the UK to USA , we combine the best prices with the best container shipping service to USA. our container shipping service to USA has helped families with all of their removal needs from cars, small shipments of furniture and personal effects to complete home removals !.
  • We offer a full door to door container shipping service to USA.
  • We provide a part container (Less Than Container Load) shipping service to USA all major cities in on a regular basis. our expert container shipping to USA consultants will advise you on the best container size which is suitable for you, usually 40ft containers (also 20ft containers available). When shipping a container to USA, we can combine your household items along with your car inside your own container.
  • We would position a container at your residence on your removal day and carefully load, secure and over crate your vehicle. The remaining space inside the container would be utilised by loading and stowing your professionally packed household effects. Your container will then be sealed at your door with a customs type seal, your sole use container would then be returned to a UK port and custom terminal ready for loading on to a vessel for shipment.

Seakargo offers affordable Container , personal items and vehicle shipping from UK to USA, Your vehicle/Container can be shipped through: Container Seafreight / RORO Shipping to USA

U.S. Customs 24 Hour Advance Filing Rule

The procedures to ensure your shipment compliance with US Customs 24 hour Advance Filing Rule.

Advance Cargo Declaration

Trade Act of 2002, known as the 24-Hour Rule, is a US Customs & Border Protection(USCBP) regulation that requires the advance cargo declaration of all cargo onboard a vessel calling or transiting a US port to be submitted electronically no later than 24 hours before vessel departure from a foreign port of loading.

USCBP uses the cargo information to identify and eliminate potential terrorist threats before vessel sails from a foreign port to the U.S seaports, rather than after the vessel and cargo arrives in the United States

You provide the information - we do the work

Advance Cargo Declaration

Shipping Line performs this service for all customers. The data elements required to be included in the cargo declaration are taken from master Bill of Lading (B/L), which is issued on the basis of shipping instructions as received from each of shipper customers.

The USCBP rules prescribes the data elements that must be included in the cargo declaration. An incomplete declaration will be rejected by the Customs authorities. A container shipment for which a declaration has not been filed and accepted by Customs may not be loaded. In other words – USCBP 24 Hour Rule applies a "no documentation - no load" requirement.

Penalties and delay of the vessel and shipments carried may result in case of breach of this requirement.

The most efficient way for you as a customer to reduce the likelihood of Customs authorities issuing "Do Not Load" requests or holding cargo after discharge is to ensure that the Shipper , Consignee and Packing lists are:

  • Provided in due time and at the latest by our documentary cut-off
  • Complete
  • Accurate

We applies this "no documentation - no load" requirement for shipments on vessels loading foreign ports which are calling or transiting a US port.

Necessary information for US Cargo Declaration

The data elements we need to receive as part of the shipping instructions for inclusion in the cargo declaration are:

  • Full name and address of Shipper
  • Full name and address of Consignee
  • Full name and address of Notify Party (mandatory for "To Order" B/L)
  • 6 digit HS Code
  • Code for the type of packages if cargo is packed
  • Number of packages
  • Shipping marks for packaged goods
  • Container and seal number as applicable
  • Gross cargo mass (in kilograms)
  • UN code for dangerous goods

For further information, please contact us on - 0203 997 7300 or Email

Importer Security Filing (ISF)

The Security Filing, commonly known as the “10+2” initiative, is a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulation that requires importers and vessel operating carriers to provide additional advance trade data to CBP pursuant to the Trade Act of 2002 for cargo shipments arriving into the United States by vessel.

All ISF filings are to be done electronically via vessel Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

The party required to submit the Importer Security Filing (ISF) is the party causing the goods to enter the limits of a port in the United States. This party is known as the “ISF Importer”.

  • Could be the owner, purchaser, consignee, or agent (e.g. customs broker).
  • For foreign cargo remaining on board (FROB), this party is the carrier (vessel operating carrier).
  • The party filing the (in-bond movements), immediate exportation (IE), transportation and exportation (T&E), or foreign trade zone (FTZ) documentation is the ISF Importer for those types of shipments.

NOTE: The ISF Importer is ultimately responsible for the timely, accurate and complete submission of the ISF filing electronically in ACE. Therefore, Seakargo ltd. cannot file the ISF on behalf of the Importer or the party filing any of the above mentioned in-bond movements.

Customs taxes are explained here, For exports to the US please view the ISF 10+2 section.


We are shipping vehicles weekly on the RORO services, please call 0203 997 7300, or email for fast prices and friendly advice